October 17, 2019
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Playing golf requires one to gear up properly for the game in order to appear a true sports-person and get the best results on the course: clubs, tees and golf-balls are the basics for the game while carry-cases, cart and eye-wear are other accessories for the golfer.


Beginning with the golf ball, which is small dimpled and special kind of ball meant only for golf, there are many types of golfing gear that have been improved and innovated upon in order for the game to develop down the years. These include mechanical devices, miniature golf kits, special golfer’s t-shirts with slogans and electric golf carts that are eco-friendly too! The dimples on the golf ball are responsible for these reaching farther lengths when struck by clubs.


The golf club or driver is another essential piece of equipment for the beginner and comes in many varieties; these are bought according to the kind of landscape the golfer is going to be playing on. A proper drive is determined by the kind of golf driver used and this is why the surface – sand, grass or cement – of a golf club is important to keep in mind when focusing on making the a good drive.


Pros may have two golf bags with assorted clubs and some even have custom made clubs for their special needs; however the beginner does not need the full set of 14 clubs and a half-set will do for him or her.

It is a cost-effective idea to buy used golf clubs till one can improve style and technique to rise above the current beginners or intermediate level of golfing; one can buy a couple of the important golf clubs individually.

Besides the above basic golf equipment, a beginner also needs to raise his or her knowledge of the golf game, pick up tips from experts and instructors and learn ways to best care for their golf equipment, be it the clubs, bags or covers. A true golfer must also learn about proper storage and use of support equipment in golf besides any accessories used to improve the game, such as bags with extra stash-space, water-bottles, extra shirt or regular shoes for an after game appointment.


The golf club cover is an important piece of golf equipment that helps protect the club from getting scratched or dented during transportation or even in the storage area, therefore it is important for all beginners to invest in quality covers. Dents can adversely affect the drive of the golf ball, so always use appropriate covers for all your equipment.


Golf shoes are different from the ordinary running shoes or Keds and a keen golfer must invest in a good quality, reliable and comfortable pair more than going for fashionable footwear on the green, though this too, is now readily available from top brands, such as Adidas. It is advisable to buy a pair with pointed rubber beneath the soles for better grip on earth and sand, and make comfort your priority in choosing a pair for walking is unavoidable in golf!