October 17, 2019
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Understand the Scores

Being new to Golf can be a very confusing affair. The pluses, minuses, birdies, eagles etc. can all look Japanese to the uninitiated. Looking at the basics and putting it in simple terms, the scores in golf are measured against a pre-arranged set of scores called the “par scores”. Every golf course has its own “par score”, that is the number of shots it should ideally take a good golfer to find his way through the complete course. This par score is generally around 70 to 72 for most of the golf courses in America with each hole in the course ranging from par 3 to par 5. If you use more shots than the ideal par score, you are known to be “above par”, which is bad. However, if you are able to get through all the holes with less number of shots ideally required, you are said to be “under par”, which is good!

A birdie happens if you hit a score of one under par, for example if you use only 2 shots for a par 3 hole. However, if you better the par score of a hole by 2 shots, you are said to have scored an eagle, example: you use only 3 shots for a par 5 hole. You hit an albatross in case you better the par score by 3 shots. Thus, cumulatively added, whoever gets through the course with the least number of shots, wins.

The Golf Gear

Like every sport, golf also has its basic set of equipment essential to play the game. Every golf course has a dress code that needs to be followed to the letter. Golf is known to be the Gentleman’s game and hence ones attire cannot be neglected. Secondly, you must pay attention to procuring the golf clubs and balls necessary to play this game. You may not need to buy them initially as they can also be hired from the golf course. However, if you are serious about this sport, investment in a good golf bag, golf clubs and golf balls will take you a long way. There can be many equipments one can buy for an ideal golfing day out, but to start with, the clubs, balls and bag are the most essential.

Learn How To Play Golf

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