October 17, 2019
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  • 2:23 pm Golfing in the Rain – 6 Things You Should Know

Golfing is a passion for many people around the world. Unfortunately the world isn’t always as passionate. If you find that you spend time golfing in the rain, you might want to learn how to play in the rain without it affecting your game.

Here’s how:

Bring Extras: Towels, gloves, balls, or anything that can get wet, make sure you have lots.

Gear Choices: Bring waterproof gear, hats, and an umbrella. There is nothing worse than reaching into a golf bag for a wet golf club, or ball. If you have a waterproof cover for your golf bag to keep those golf clubs extra dry, take advantage of it.

Shots Done, Gloves Off: If you wear your golf glove(s) in between shots while golfing in the rain, it will get wet. This, in turn will make everything else wet. Store them in a pocket that zips if you can. You should have one since you brought some waterproof gear.

Use Those Towels: You should be wiping off your hands, golf clubs, and golf balls whenever possible. Have two storage spots for towels. One for dry ones and one for wet. A small towel for your hands in your waterproof golf gear is good idea. Just remember to use them.

Prepared Golfers Don’t Rush: Most of the reason why your golf game deteriorates when it starts to rain is because you rush. If you have the necessary gear, there’s no need to worry about the rain. Focus on your game and not the rain and you will find that you can play just as well in the rain as in the sun.

Understanding Rain: When it rains the golf course changes. Greens slow down and fairways can become slick or soft. Hazards on the golf course are more dangerous. Intense rain will even affect your ball in the air. Understanding these changes and looking for them as they occur is the final step to golfing in the rain. Experience is the only way to really understand the rain so get out there.