October 17, 2019
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It’s easy to think as a beginner that the best equipment will give you the best results. This can easily cajole you into looking at what equipment the professionals use and then go and spend thousands of pounds getting the latest and greatest to match the professionals. The truth is this won’t make you a better player. The pro’s have an abundance of natural talent and can work on their game for hours and hours a day honing their skills whereas as a casual golfer you may play once or twice a week.

Saying that equipment can help in some ways. Making sure you buy the right clubs for your swing and stance will definitely help. As you become better, changing the ball type you use can give you more feel and control of the ball and help reduce scores. Maybe visit your local pro shop or golf centre and ask their advice about what equipment will suit you when starting the game. You can often start with a cheaper set of clubs and searching online you can get the best prices to help you start out and take up the game.

Online stores such as golf Gear Direct do great deals on all manor of equipment to get you up and running and fully prepared for those rounds ahead come rain or shine. Making use of voucher codes is also a great way to save on online prices and you can use discount code sites to get money off a range of stores to get you the best price online.