May 25, 2019
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Every golfer knows that one of the key ingredients for an enjoyable round on the links is a good pair of golf shoes. They must be comfortable and hold well on the turf. Did you know that there is a tiny window where finding closeouts on golf shoes is rather easy?

Players know that in order to swing the club with precision and accuracy, they must maintain a solid base with the turf. This starts with the golf shoe itself. By providing proper grip to the ground and support to the foot, your spikes will allow you to swing the club without fear of slipping on the grass. There is nothing worse than trying to make a long iron shot only to have your foot slide on the fairway due to a worn shoe.

One of the key ingredients in finding closeouts on golf shoes is targeting the small window between seasons. In the Northern Hemisphere, this is September through October. This is when many shops are making the transition from golf to bowling or basketball, two sports that are played primarily in the late fall and winter when golf season is winding down. If you know where to look, chances are good that a great bargain can be found.

You should start your search with two or three trusted manufacturers that you either have worn their gear or have gotten solid reviews from trusted associates or colleagues. Look in the trade magazines or your weekly paper to see if any of the major golf chains are getting ready for clearance sales. It is now that they must make room for inventory and typically are offering incentives for you to buy this years equipment. There is nothing wrong with this stock, it is simply “old” in the golfing world. The latest and greatest golf gear is coming, so there is no room in the inventory for this year’s model. Their loss is your gain.